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(Dec 24, 2012)
Merry Christmas to you all!
(Dec 02, 2012)
man those guys are crazy
(Dec 02, 2012)
man i gotta party with some japanesse ppl i bet you they have the craziest clubs.
(Nov 16, 2012)
(Nov 09, 2012)
Congrats marcus
(Nov 06, 2012)
(Nov 06, 2012)
grats Marcus
(Nov 06, 2012)
woot 21 today bitches
(Nov 01, 2012)
Still without power. Hopefully I'll be back online by next week.
(Oct 28, 2012)
Good luck to all those in the way of this storm.
(Oct 15, 2012)
Minus the Z, why the hell did I type a Z
(Oct 15, 2012)
SIR! ZDont be dramatic =P
(Oct 15, 2012)
No one loves me!
(Oct 14, 2012)
that means no gw for me until i get it back :(
(Oct 14, 2012)
Quick update from me. Laptop's fan died so sending it back to hp for repairs.
(Oct 14, 2012)
busy with midterms for another week
(Oct 13, 2012)
Haven't been on Vent much because my broke ass coputer isn't fast enough to support both the game and Vent.. sorry ya'll
(Oct 12, 2012)