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(Jun 20, 2013)
That's cool. Next time you are around we should hang out. Is there a new vent. I never see anyone on the old one.
(Jun 18, 2013)
Hey Bud. I was in Charlotte for Father's Day. Didn't have time to call though.
(Jun 17, 2013)
Hey everybody, whats up? Long time no log. What is everybody doing?
(Jun 12, 2013)
Hey Yairi :) Doing great man, how bout you?
(Jun 11, 2013)
hello all. hope all is well
(Jun 11, 2013)
(Jun 11, 2013)
(Jun 10, 2013)
gg Blake
(Jun 08, 2013)
I think the new civ expansion pack is out
(May 22, 2013)
Rift is going free to play June 12
(May 01, 2013)
check out my first video uploaded to youtube just a test video really link to it in my post
(Apr 18, 2013)
Fort Aspenwood server :)
(Apr 17, 2013)
fort aspen or something like that
(Apr 17, 2013)
what GW2 server/world are you guys on?
(Mar 29, 2013)
check out that video in my new thread xaanix you will get a very good laugh out of it.
(Mar 23, 2013)
Also I still have that copy of xcom that I'm giving away messege me or comment on my post if u want it
(Mar 23, 2013)
For anyone that doesn't have civ 5 and its xpac gods and kings ithe gold edition is on sale until Sunday on gamefly
(Mar 23, 2013)
Posted Osserics secret gw2 event farming guide.