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(May 04, 2014)
I was playing Mists. But I just quit WoW for a while. Messing around with Wildstar some and went back to old school. Been muddin'
(Apr 18, 2014)
wrayth are you playing panda?
(Mar 16, 2014)
Been playing diablo 3 again because RoS is coming out, not sure if anyone else plays D3 but you can add me if you want. HugMSqueeze#1882
(Mar 12, 2014)
if anyone is playing titanfall on the pc send a friend request to Randomcow09
(Feb 23, 2014)
Yo Art lol. I wish I had known, I gave mine away because I wasn't feelin it :(
(Feb 12, 2014)
anyone down to do some CIV on a certain day?
(Feb 07, 2014)
Let me know art i will play with you
(Feb 07, 2014)
I am alive too!!!
(Feb 06, 2014)
Hey folks. Just saw that Curse/mmo-champion is giving away beta keys to Elder Scrolls online. I'll be checking it out, if anyone else is interested.
(Jan 26, 2014)
Wrayth- prove it :P
(Jan 15, 2014)
<---Still Alive :D
(Jan 07, 2014)
of course
(Jan 06, 2014)
Do you have a free spot avaible?
(Jan 06, 2014)
yeah, we're starting a new game this Tuesday, 8 p.m. It might be a little less cutthroat this game.
(Jan 05, 2014)
Do you guys still do cut throat civ?
(Nov 23, 2013)
anybody in the elder scrolls beta? If so look for onihoof
(Nov 22, 2013)
We've been doing some light mmo play in Rift. Also a mp game of Civ V on tuesdays.
(Nov 21, 2013)
hey curious to know what everyone's been up to lately. I'm getting more spare time lately
(Oct 31, 2013)
Saturday, November 23, The Filmore.
(Oct 30, 2013)
Do you have the link for the info on where and what time he is playing?