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(Feb 01, 2015)
inexplicable because the Seahawks didn't run the ball at 1st and goal.
(Feb 01, 2015)
Detroit got shafted, then Dallas, then Green Bay, and finally Seattle
(Feb 01, 2015)
Called it.
(Jan 19, 2015)
Something inexplicable
(Jan 19, 2015)
If the pattern holds, the Seahawks will lose a horribly disappointing loss to the Patriots.
(Dec 28, 2014)
4X strategy game Endless Legend; it won game of the year on Paper, Rock, Shotgun if anyone wants to do multiplayer.
(Nov 17, 2014)
So what game is everyone playing now a days?
(Oct 28, 2014)
waiting for the price to drop before i get it. I have seen a lot of videos for it and it looks really good.
(Oct 27, 2014)
Civilization: Beyond Earth. Multiplayer anyone?
(Sep 08, 2014)
Anyone picking up destiny on the ps4 tomorrow? if so my userID is randomcow09
(Aug 13, 2014)
Super busy this month with work so I haven't been on. Still alive though
(Aug 10, 2014)
A few of us merged to a bigger more active guild. If anyone still plays and want to come, we've got invite right. Just to much in this game to sit back and watch it go by.
(Aug 03, 2014)
Lol, Wrath :D Sorry, Alex, I could've sworn I wished you a happy b-day too, my friend.
(Jul 11, 2014)
If memory recalls. Blake and I share the same birthday. So happy birthday sir.
(Jul 09, 2014)
they're moving towards making changes to PvP stats. Interested to see what the specifics will be on that.
(Jul 07, 2014)
yeah a "strongly" worded email threatening legal action COMPLETELY solved every issue in ~4 hours.
(Jul 07, 2014)
Yeah, Alex, I moved like 10 min down the road. Ocea, that's pretty fucked up man. Good luck with that noise :(
(Jul 07, 2014)
CS banned me mid game again due to putting in a ticket about being hacked. Impossibly angry beyond belief at carbine CS.