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Miyamotoi / Sep 28, 2016
Good job this week we went 5/7 clearing all the bosses for the first wing on normal lets keep this momentum going into next week and clear EN on norm. make sure to read up on Cenarius and well Xavius so we can be prepared. also we'll start posting pictures once we figure out why the site won't let us upload them.
Miyamotoi / Sep 21, 2016
So here are some guides to the first few bosses of The Emerald Nightmare. A interesting thing about the bosses is after the first boss they can be done in any order up till Cenarius however we will most likely being going in the follow order:


Il'gynoth, The Heart of Corruption

Elerethe Reneferal


Dragons of Nightmare

Also we may do Reneferal before Il'gynoth as i hear it is more forgiving but we'll have to see once we get in there. We're also going to be have a guild meeting this upcoming Sunday(9/25/16) at 9pm est. If you can't make it that's fine we're just going to be talking about the raid times, loot system, and any other issues that anyone feels they want to bring up shouldn't last more than an hour at best. I'll post any important notes to the website.

Also don't forget to post your class/spec and raid times to the "Time to get Organized" post below if you haven't do so.