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Star Wars: The Old Republic

PvP or PvE server for swtor

After talking to some members of the guild it seems that some people would like to go PvE and some would like to go PvP. so i decided to go ahead and create a poll to see who wants to go PvP and PvE. so please keep comments to yourself if you wo...
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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Modifications in Swtor Explained

This write up by one of designers explains the modding gear/weapon system that will be coming out at launch.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Swtor Weekend beta fun

Well looks like a few of us got invited to the beta for this week i think we can have up to 5 people in a group so i think we should take a quick sec to vote on what side we are going to try out for those who would like to group or if you guys w...
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