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Minecraft Server

Hello Everyone,I have a minecraft server with some really great mods if anyone is interested in playing. Just post here if you want to join and I will give you the info.Thanks for your time,Youdiefirst
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Still alive

hello everyone,just making a forum to see what i have missed in these past couple weeks since i last logged on.P.S. I have made a minecraft server so if anyone wants to play just let me know with a post here.P.S.S. i thought the guild minecraft se...
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this mod adds alot of detail and changes the look of minecraft. does not change the game play just the look of the game. Instructions are on the website/forum.Your text to link here...
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Minecraft Texture Packs

First, get this:MC Patcher(if the above link breaks, just go to and search)Then, check out the texure packs below. To install, just run that patcher thing above and put these downloads, still zipped, into your /minecraft/textur...
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minecraft mods again for industrialcraftYour text to link here...Mod for buildcraftYour text to link here...their is a lot the mods do. plz watch the videos. Sho...
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