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Trade aggro every 7-10 stacks of Searing Brand Icon Searing Brand to avoid the debuff stacking too high. After the initial taunt trade, you can swap every time the debuff falls off of the offtank.
Stand in the circles and soak the Slam Icon Slam to stop Krosus from killing the entire raid.


Run to the back of the bridge with the Orb of Destruction Icon Orb of Destruction to reduce the raid's damage taken.
Quickly eliminate the Burning Embers that are left over from Burning Pitch Icon Burning Pitch. Interrupt as many casts of Felburst Icon Felburst as possible.


Avoid Krosus' casts of Fel Beam Icon Fel Beam by dodging to either side.
Every 90 seconds Krous will break the bridge and step forwards. Any players who fall off the bridge will be instantly killed.

Mythic Difficulty

Quickly slay the Burning Embers that are empowered by Accelerate Icon Accelerate before they reach 100 Energy and cast Burnout Icon Burnout.

Tank Concerns

Be sure to have cooldowns ready for Slam Icon Slam as it deals very high physical damage.

Healing Concerns

There are no special concerns for the healers on this fight. Raid damage is relatively low overall, but spiky - coordination of cooldowns is key, especially once the bridge becomes very short, as the Orb of Destruction Icon Orb of Destructions will start to deal very high damage to the raid.

Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

As Krosus is a single phase, it is recommended that you use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust on the pull to maximize damage done to the boss. This guarantees that all raiders cooldowns are synchronized, and since raid and tank damage is at its lowest it allows the healers to also deal respectable damage to the boss.

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