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First and most essential resource is
This website contains all the dragon timers and most of the notable events that have big gigantic chests.

First events we will talk about are Dragons. Dragons drop the most loot from chest's (6-8 blues or better)

Shatter has the most dependable timer and has a countdown window vs. a spawn window. Once the timer goes yellow the Pre-events, give or take a minute or two, will start and must be completed within 15 minutes. After that the events will fail and no dragon. Normally on FA the pre-events are finished with about 8 minutes left. Tequatl has a 30 min window with no pre-events and dies quickly, Jormag has the longest window of hour and 30 min and has a pre-event. He also has the longest fight with he pre-event and two large phases each with 2 smaller phases within the large ones taking about 10-20min for the whole event.

The priority list to get multiple chests if spawning overlaps is as followed.

Shatterer-Up > Tequatl Up > Jormag-Phase 2 > Shatter-Pre-event > Jormag-Pre-event > Tequatl-Window> Jormag-Window

If you look at Guildwarstemple click on All Timers. These are most of the other events that drop chests. Now here’s where it gets a bit more complicated. These chest only drop 3-4(sometimes 5 if your lucky) items of blue or better. The better rewarding ones are Fire elemental, Shadow Behemoth, Frost Maw and Megadestroyer. There are also timers for the god temple events. Ignore those; they are never up to date due to failure rate.

Fire elemental, Shadow Behemoth, and Frost maw are your easy short windowed fast events. If one of these are up i highly suggest doing them for easy loot but if you’re in the middle of back to back quest chains with lots of mobs stay there. These three events are on short cool down timers (except shadow) and the amount of loot you can get from doing Cursed shore or other events far outweighs those three if the situation is right. Besides those three you have Megadestroyer and the God events. These have a high chance of failure (especially the god events) but spawn lots and lots of easy to kill mobs. Even if you fail the amount of loot off the mobs far outweighs what's in the chest, and consequently you will have certain people doing everything in their power to fail the event. You also have the tunnel events in Cursed shore as well as Jofast waypoints even just south of the tunnel. These are also high mob spawning events.

Grenth is the highest mob spawning event and the most failed event. Regardless of the fail rate it should be your near the top of your list especially the pre-events. If and when you fail Grenth make sure you go back to defend the cannon. There are two reasons for this. 1: its lots of easy to kill and high loot dropping mobs,2: It prevents the event from starting completely over to the non loot giving boring stuff.

In shorter and simpler order here is the priority list. Dragon, God, Other chest, Events.

Dragon Events (see above) > Grenth-Pre and Main event > Retaking Arah- Event > Megadestroyer- Pre-event > Melandru-with enough people! > Megadestroyer main event, Fire elemental, Shadow Behemoth, Frost Maw In progress > South Tunnel-Event > North Tunnel-Event > Jofast Waypoint-Event> Balthazaar-Pre-event > Melandru > Plinx-Event (North cursed shore)

If you have nothing to do stick around tunnels and kill the waves of 5 mobs ever 30 seconds until something comes up. If you’re doing it correctly you should make around 2g-5g (selling t6 mats and ecto's) in about an hour.

Last important things.

1. MF gear (i run just runes) vs non MF is a small but noticible difference. That being said being able to stay alive is > than MF.

2. Your goal in these events is not to focus fire and bring mobs down. It is to tag as many mobs as you can before they die to everyone else. Equip your best aoe skills traits and weapons and be prepared to take some aggro/damage which brings us back to point 1. You should also avoid spending time on champ mobs as they will distract you from tagging everything else.

3. Be selfish. This may not sit well but when doing these events you come first. If the opportunity arises be nice and pick up the downed. Remember though when there are 50 mobs around, you rezzing will draw at least 10-15 of them which will kill you instantly and this leaves you in a worse position and them in the same one. The Collective group also does not need your dps nor do they care about what abilities you use. These are not 5 man groups but 15+ on a bad day. You having bad gear, MF gear, dps gear, good gear, godly gear, hacker gear, will not make the mobs die and slower or faster. They will die within 5 seconds of spawning regardless so your job is just to tag them.
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