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ok so a few ppl have ask me about my spec so here it is


WALL OF TEXT INC and srry for any bad spelling and grammer i did this at like 2AM so if you have that big of a problem with it then uh go fuck yourself 8)

before i go into detail about the spec remember this is my spec and it's what works for me i encourage anyone reading this to mess around with the traits find what works for you don't just focus on this spec if it doesn't seem to be working for you.

first i want to talk about what the main idea of this spec is or what it focuses on. the key to this spec is swapping pets and swapping weapons with condition damage as a added bouns. in order to understand better we will have to drive into each tree of the spec


so lets begin with skim

some might ask why i only put 25 points into this tree. its simple the last 2 traits you can get aren't that great the trap trait is nice if your going to use lots of them but i only use 1 so yea and the attack of op isn't as good as what you can get in other trees not to mention you only have 1 daze with this weapon combo so unless you use a pet with lots of stuns it really isn't worth it.

the first 5 points of this spec are going to be tail wind this gives your swiftness when you swap weps this is very nice for getting away from someone or getting to another point quickly just after the fight ends ( buff only works in combat)

next lets talk about the first trait your going to be picking up "sharpened edges" this trait gives you bleeds each time you crit your target reguardless of the weapon you are using normally with a short bow you can only get about 3 stacks of bleed on someone with just the auto attack doing this will give you a few more stacks. the other traits here aren't to bad but most of them are for your pet so unless your using a glass cannon pet i can't really recommend the pet ones (pets power, agi traing and companion's might). i said no to trappers defense because you shouldn't go into a fight expecting someone to die. also its a waste if your on a point by yourself. primal reflexes could be useful but i prefer sharpened edges for more damage.

the next 5 points will give you fury for a short time (like 5 or something) when you swap weps. this is a very important trait it will allow you to put crit sigils in your weapons because by the time your done with everything you will only have 16% crit, and this will help proc your first trait sharpened edges more. also because your don't have to worry about the crit on your gear you can spec into more defense.

next will be your second trait quick draw 20% cooldown reduction on shortbow abilities this is also important will allow you to get on daze earlier and other abilities as for the other traits same as before with the first 5 and since i don't use axes honed axes is useless to me. trappers exp could be usefull but i find dropping your traps as you run to be fine.

the last 5 points will pick you up hunter tactics which give you a 10% damage boost if your behind someone to be honest this isn't needed and if you would like to put the 5 points somewhere else it would be understandable i simple put them in the tree for the added crit and crit damage i find that most players are not dumb enough to give you their back so most of the time it will be useless however it can be usefull for chasing someone down, but as i said before puting the points else where wouldn't be bad.

now we will more onto nature's magic i'll be saving wilderness for last because there is a lot to go into there

this tree will only be getting 10 points the first 5 will give you a very nice passive called rejuvanation this gives you regen once your hp drops below 75%. since this spec is pretty tanky this regen is very nice to have.

next is the only trait in this tree you'll be getting nature's protection. now this is one of the places in this spec that i encourage ppl to mess around with while there's nothing wrong with nature's protection nature's bounty and strength of spirit are also very good choices i choose natures bounty only because its nice to have something to lessing any burst damage you might be taking.

next well talk about beast mastery

really simple drop 5 points in it for the 2 secs of quickness on pet swap doesn't seem like much but can be very usefull. can let you get off a excute real quick or do a little bit more damage. with this you should be swapping pets everytime the cooldown is up.

finally lets talk about wilderness survival

the first 5 points will get your natural vigor this will give you 50% endurance regen this will always be up so more dogde rolls nothing wrong with that. also the 15 point bouns works well with this.

the next 5 points will get you your first trait i take shared angish. this lovely move tranfers any disabling cc to your pet instead of you so if a guardian gets downed and this is off cooldown when he pops his knockback you won't be effected also usefull for fights. the other first few traits aren't really that good, expert training is nice but only if you have a pet that deals condition damage. wilderness knowledge is good but i like shared angish more.

the next 5 points will get you companion defense this works well with the first bouns this tree gives you (natural vigor) and the ability lightning reflexes works well with this. with these ability your endurance bar should never be full unless you're fighting a greatsword warrior and need to time your dogde rolls.

the next 5 points give you your second trait in which there are three good choices. wilderness knowledge, oakheart salve, and hide in plan sight. wilderness knowledge is good because it will give you a very nice reduction on quickening zephyer one of the main support moves you'll be using, and if you choose to pick up lighting reflexes it will drop that cooldown down pretty low. oakheart salve gives you regen with you get a dot applied to yourself, and there's nothing wrong with that. and hide in plan sight gives you camouflage when you get hit by a cc move. i personally use oakheart salve most but the others are also very good and should not be pushed aside.

after that there's peak strenght 5% extra damage when your hp is above 90% not much else to that.

for the last trait i take bark skin this gives me a lot of extra survivialblity and the other option empathic bond is good but i think signent of renewal is good enough.

support skills

for the support skills i take healing spring while it does heal for less burst then heal as one does less total healing then troll ungnent it's a aoe heal and it can be used as a combo field.

for my next skill i spike trap gives a nice bleed dot and slows. if you feel you don't need the slow then i recommand flame trap. or if you feel you need more cc then i recommand muddy terrian or frost trap more towards muddy terrain since its a survival skill if you use the trait wilderness knowledge you can reduce its cooldown along with quickening.

after that i run with signet of renewal. i really don't think the other signets are wroth getting unless you are speced for signent of beastmaster which you can't get unless you drop 30 points in markmen which we aren't doing for this spec.

and last i put up quickening zephyer i really like this skill quicker excutes more bleeds on crossfire spam just really good to have wouldn't replace it and even if i wanted to wouldn't know what to replace it with.

for my ult i use rampage as one some might ask why not entangle and my answer to that is stabilty why i wouldn't pass of entangle as bad because its not in fact i recommand you try it out with this spec you might like it. however i find that gettting fury, swiftness, stabilty and power everytime my pet attacks something to be much to important in a team fight.


now lets talk about my gear

for my weps i run with a shortbow and sword, dagger combo this is simply because they have the most conditiion damage on them beside the axe.

for my armor i use runes of the undead they give mostly toughtness and condition damage. for my neck i use the solider neck with the condition damage.

this gives me a fair descent spead of stats.


i'm honestly still trying to find a good combo of pets right now i'm using the wolf and the mowa as the other pet the mowa is more of a support and the wolf gives me lots of cc moves. i'll update once i find

well thats it pretty much it once again don't relie on this spec find new ones and once you got the hang of it post it here.
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