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Anyone create their own specs or find any good ones? I kind of created one for a CCish Guardian just curious as to everyone else's ideas.

Show me what you got theory crafters!

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It seems to me that build variations are going to end up far and few between. With only 41 points and trees that max at 31, there isnt much leftover to play with. At least with Scoundrel I know that there are only a couple ways of building each tree to make it maximally effective. Also, the trees just seem ... dull. There arent many paths to go within each tree without the "mandatory" point dumps. The cookie-cutter builds will be the standard fare.

Its one thing Rift did well. Talent points at every level, and two points every few levels. So level 50 had 66 skill points to be allocated and there were several paths to go up each tree with. Really opens up the options on what you can do.

That being said, I think there are LOTS of opportunities for additions, patches, expansions with this game and the framework they've set up. Really looking forward to what comes down the line.
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Here are some of the viable builds for Jedi Sages.

3/7/31 Balance with Sever Force
This spec will do lots of DoT damage, using TK Throw to proc instant cast Mind Crush. To make this a PvP spec, take points out of Upheaval and Containment and put them gain Jedi Resistance and Drain Thoughts (extra survivability).

0/13/28 Balance with TK Wave
This spec will trade Sever Force for TK wave, which can be used for Presence of Mind Procs to add significant additional AoE power at the cost of a DoT+root. Additionally, Psychic Projection makes TK Wave hit really hard sometimes. You can also grab Jedi Res or Drain Thoughts like before to make it PvP. Alternatively, take points out of the top of Balance to get Concentration and TK Effusion for sustainability for Operation PvE.

3/31/7 Telekinetics
This spec will do good AoE damage for soloing and sustainability in PvE with a bit more focus on nukes. There's a little bit of wiggle room with Mind's Eye and TK Defense, but not as much with this spec as with those above.

31/8/2 Healing
This is a good base healing spec, with lots of wiggle room as Concentration, TK Defense, Preservation, Confound, Jedi Resistance, Pain Bearer, Valiance, and Egress are all optional.

13/0/28 PvP Hybrid
This spec will allow you to do significant dps very efficiently with a lot of mobility and still use Rejuv>Deliverance to swap to decent burst healing that can be sustained for a few moments when needed.

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